Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Uganda on Homosexuality

Uganda's take on homosexuality has been an issue since David Bahati, a parliamentarian tabled the anti-homosexuality bill in the third quarter of 2009. This is not one of those debates I can simply brush off because they do not affect me. It does. It affects every citizen of this banana republic. Homosexuality is an Abomination. I am one of the most opinionated youth you will ever come across and because of that alone,  I will not mince no words. Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament promised Ugandans a Christmas gift. A gift of the anti-homosexuality law and we have seen no progress. I do not blame the parliament, I know they are under immense pressure to drop the bill but they should represent their people. What do the people want? The people just want what is right. Homosexuality is inhumane. Uganda will not condone that.

In the past few months since the bill was tabled, this nation has lost plenty of aid. And for what? Only because this country shall not subdue to the vile trait. We need the Legislature and the Executive to stand with us on this. We do not want leaders that will buckle under the pressure of these foreign governments. We want leaders that will stand for what is right. Leaders that will uphold the moral fibre of this banana republic so the next generation can have something to believe in. This gay bill goes against everything this nation stands for.

I stand for Justice and even I have to admit that the death penalty for all gay offenders is a tad too cruel. I agree that they should find lesser punishment for them. Even a jail term doesn't seem too adequate. If I had a say in the affair, I'd want them quarantined, drugged to their eyeballs and psycho-analysed until they came to their senses. Nobody is simply born homosexual.

Only yesterday, the University of Buckingham cut ties with Victoria University, Kampala. This means all the programmes sponsored by the foreign university would be suspended indefinitely. Their reasons were utterly vain. The University of Buckingham claimed it would have nothing to do with a country that does not seek to treat gay people (fags) as Human beings. The gay community can sing all it wants of persecution. That does not compare to the number of people that have lost their career path, The number of graduates whose degrees are not accredited, The amount of sweat and hardwork it will take these people to begin their programmes afresh in other universities and the amount of torment and psychological torture that will come of this. 

Other Foreign governemts have suspended their aid too but is that really a solution? Many will starve, Many will lose their jobs in the retrenchment and restructuring process that will follow, Several NGOs will back out. Will that bring us to our knees howling for mercy? I say No. I say we try to find a way to circumnavigate this. The pressure both from within and without this nation is on the Parliament to find a way to break even and restore  peace and harmony to where it used to be. To a time when we were satisfied with just sectarianism and corruption. 

Humbly, I rest my case. Till the 04 February 2013 when Parliament officially sits again to form quorum and come to a unanimous decision for our country' sake.

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