Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Perfect Damsel

I took time off my busy schedule(watching movies, tweeting and eating) today to blog about a special person. Her name is Linda. She's the strongest, most amazing person I know and nobody I have met has a bigger heart than she does. The first time I met Linda was about five years ago or so. Sometime in the third form. It was an Interact function, or "func" as the blokes preferred to call them. It was only my first time in Trinity College, Nabbingo and I was scared for the greater part of the morning session. But the real reason I had come was to meet someone, a girl. Michelle. After long, when we had all had our lunch, all the tables and chairs were cleared to make room for the most awaited event of the day---The Dance----

Somehow, in between switching girls, I chanced upon this beauty. Linda. We danced and it was exhilarating. We could not let go of each other. Everybody else was switching dance partners. I guess somehow, we both knew if we let go, we wouldn't find each other again. Not in that fray, no. Somehow, in the corner of my eye, I saw her, Michelle. She was laughing with her friends. Obviously I fell out of step with Linda and had to excuse myself. I walked up to Michelle and said Hello. We talked and laughed and strolled through the school compound. It was nice. Before long, we had to leave. I sat there with my friends, with two beautiful girls looking at me and I was spoiled for choice. I did not know what to do.

Well people, long story short, Me and Michelle broke up before we could even begin. Apparently we weren't on the same page---or even in the same book.
Linda and I on the other-hand, we've never really dated per se. We are just really close friends that get confused sometimes. One minute, we could be out, drinking, "catching up" and the next, we could be fooling around. Its crazy like that.  You can't exactly put a label on that. Linda is a really spontaneous girl. She's had her fair share of mistakes like everybody else. But somehow, she makes some things seem really normal and easy. I don't know how she does it. But am glad I met her five years ago. Linda has taught me so much whether she knows it or not. 
Honestly, am not good with relationships. I could go through five relationships in a year and thats not normal at my age. Its not even right. But if its not her advice, Its her experience I learn from. She's made a difference in my life. 

Linda is going to change the world and she doesn't even know it yet.

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