Sunday, 30 December 2012

Its New Years Eve!!!

New Years Eve. Its finally here. Bring out the beer, pop the champagne, take a shot of something really expensive and bitter. you deserve it. You made it through it all: the adversity, the criticism, bad relationships...i could go on and on. 

2012 is really over. Today, when I spoke to my barber while I got a haircut, I said: "Welcome to 2013". And he said: "Am not exactly there yet. If I died today, my obituary would state clearly "2012". That got me thinking...A new year doesn't exactly mean everything is going to change, that your debts are cancelled, that your enemies forgive you. It doesn't mean you get a blank slate. Nope! Everything is still going to be pretty much the same. For me, A New Year symbolizes HOPE. That we can dream again. For me, it means I can change my game plan. The headmaster at a school I went to once said, "If you do business today the same way you did it yesterday, you'll never catch a big break. I don't want to run through life in 2013 the exact same way I did it in 2012. I want to change a few things. All I know is that I am a work-in-progress. I have a lot of potential. I just have to learn from 2012 and do things a little differently. 

Five Highlights from 2012
  1. Restarting my yogurt production range. It was hectic. It was a nightmare. I had to shut it down again eventually. I did learn form it though. A lot!
  2. My first real job. Pseudo-job maybe. But it was real enough and honestly I enjoyed every minute of it. Working at NDI on that U-Speak program was good job training.
  3. Meeting a very important person who shaped my life for the better. Viola. She is a good friend and am thankful to God for people like her.
  4. Its not everyone that gets accepted at Makerere University. I did. I also got to do a course I wanted. Actuarial Science. Its been a nightmare too but am still pushing forward and hoping for the best. Life at Campus has been so much fun. I can't wait for next semester.
  5. I am not a virgin anymore. Whoop. Whoop. Whoop. Thanks to some random girl. I don't remember her name. I did get tested though. I am positive...or negative. I never could tell between the two. Positive means Good news, no?
If I had pictures, this post would look so much better. But some guy who thought he deserved my phone a lot more than I did took it. I don't know If he plans on returning it. I doubt it though. If you are out there, there's still hope for your kleptomaniac ass.

Anyway,  If 2013 is going to be the year where I catch my big break then i need a plan. Resolutions. New Year Resolutions a.k.a Dos-and-Donts. Mine's going to be different this time around. Its going to be a "Guide". That means I am going to follow it to the tee. What does that even mean? Anyhow, that's the plan.

My Resolutions for 2013
  1. Get a job. Anything to do with real estate, insurance, capital assets or finance. Preferably before next semester starts.
  2. Stop biting my finger nails. That was last year's resolution...and yet here it is again. God help me.
  3. Learn everything there is to know about currency trading and make a fortune investing in it.
  4. Ace all my classes and up my GPA. Nope, am not dumb, just really ambitious.
  5. Try a serious relationships. God forbid one of my relationships survives two months. What's wrong with me???
  6. Buy a car and leave the hall am living in for a real apartment.
  7. Play a sport. Probably Lawn Tennis or Swimming
  8. Learn a musical instrument. A guitar or piano would do just fine.
  9. Keep working out. Yep, I already started and I am not about to stop. 
  10. ........................................................................
My guide is in no order whatsoever. I just believe everything on that list will go down like I said it will. Also, the list is far from finished. It shall be updated as I see fit. 

That'll be all for now. See Y'all in 2013

Happy New Year.

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