Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Real Story

This blog was started mostly so I couldnote make light of my long vacation and life at the University. Am a month into campus and not one detail ... but all that's about to change.
Ah? What are you saying?
My apologies are getting old? Is that what you are Insinuating? Go **** yourself.
Where was I? Ah yes, So far so good. Campus is way too much fun. Meeting strangers, starting new relationships, going to class again, climbing those hills everyday, the compulsory morning jog at Stone(Livingstone Hall), the old friends, old arch- enemies and frenemies, the dry food at the mess, the weekly conjugal visits from booty call, the Evening lectures. Frankly, having all this and more everyday is a good enough reason to get up every morning with a smile knowing its going to be a good day. I mean be happy for once. Back then, when we still had curfew, you wouldn't know how the night would turn out, If you would come up with a new and perfect excuse to give your parents so they would let you go out, If you would find the perfect opportunity to Jump (literally jumping the wall fence). I mean now things are much different . I give myself permission...Ok, maybe my Wallet also has a say in the affair but things have never been better. I mean, I had to adjust to staying out till the sun comes up since my hall is locked at midnight and I have no extra money to bribe the gateman. So what the heck, this is after all what I always wanted, innit?
There's always those night when the money just won't be enough so u smoke a blunt ( that was a joke) and take a tot, walk to the nearest place(bull dog) with your boys and make an appearance. The idea is to to get noticed,make some noise, own the dance floor for a bit and call it a night. In my opinion, that's what it means to be a freshman. Age catches up with you soon and its hard to have to miss all that. Or even worse, regret not having done much. So like my old chaplain, Padre Norman said: "you are but young. Young enough to understand the motto: Y.O.L.O" And remember: Carpe Diem." Maybe I paraphrased abit, but you get the message, no?
Translation(as of 7th Edition Oxford Dictionary)
Y.O.L.O : You Only Live Once
Carpe Diem : Milk the Day 

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