Sunday, 30 September 2012


Time check: just a couple of minutes past three in the morning. What could I possibly be doing up so late? I have an algebra test the day after tomorrow and yet here I am. Truth be told, this is sort of a ritual for me. I like to stay out late just to usher in a new month. Today (or is it yesterday) being a Sunday, I didn't have much choice, you know, besides staying In and I had to study. In between a movie and a cup of Chai, a friend sent me an IM. We got to chatting and she asked if I had any resolutions for October. How could I? I didn't even know people set monthly resolutions. I mean besides Uganda's Jubilee, what else is there? I am that Guy that does resolutions only once a year, and that's on New Year's Eve. Do I ever go through with even two of them? Its a hard thing. Infact its a konshen's ting dis. Speaking of Konshens, I think I'll add him to my list of resolutions for this month and hope I can afford the damn show. Passion Kampala was a great way to end the September month. I had fun!!!

I think what Uganda needs is more live concerts, that's another thing our resident super-hero Mrs. Jennifer Musisi can help us with. Of course, probably after she's done demolishing half the shit in this town. Word of advice, Missy: Someday all this bad karma you are building up is going to bite you in the ass. What a Lady (and I use that term loosely)!   What she needs is a resolution. Speaking of resolutions, here's a list off the top of my head:
1.) New Look, New Personality (free spirit)
2.) Start a business
3.) Work harder in school.
4.) Make new friends.
5.) Take a chance on love.

I have a good feeling about this month...

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