Monday, 13 August 2012

No retreat, No surrender

So am back again's crazy, the only time I feel like blogging am usually pissed but I can't help it. What gives? Who knows ... Am pissed about a zillion things right now
Am pissed I didn't get the varsity course I wanted. Am pissed I didn't go to the university I wanted. Pissed that what used to be a home is only a house now. Am pissed Mother even thought up the idea of throwing me in a hall. give thrm an inch and they go in for the long haul. But wait. Lets pretend its still that time: when I am too young to decide; when I can't talk back to her; when I have no opinion; when... we can pretend a lot of things right now but the only thing I hate more than pretend games is Pretending. So I pinched myself and reality set in. I am definitely going to a hostel, I'll worry about how I feed, it's none of your business who I sleep with, whether I go to lectures or not. At this point, I basically almost want you out of my life. And no, you don't get to pull that line: " I just want the best for you". Its getting really old.
I could go on about everything am pissed about ...but even then, that wouldn't change a damn thing.
On the bright side, Campus(read: university) is starting soon. No curfew all. Fresher Bazaars, Meeting everyone from way back when..etc etc. Its going to be epic, I think. Finally, something to look forward to....

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