Friday, 24 August 2012

A tribute to Loss

Its only after 4pm today that I realised Dad died 1 year ago today. I had a lot of thoughts racing through my head. I could continue in denial and go ahead with my planned plot, it was after all a Friday. Truth is, I really owed it to him to respect this day. To put off everything I wanted to do. To remember him for all the good..and bad things he did just to make me who I am today. I only realized all this when I sat down to think. He was a good man. Nobody could ever replace him. I didn't get the chance to put a Ritz on his grave again, like Mum did but I am deciding this moment to live up to the Man he groomed me to be. Everyone's fine here, Dad. Everyone's safe and healthy and yeah, we are all still in school. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, although am sure you already knew that. I know you are always stalking us from all the way up there. If we were all home, we would probably toast to you like you would have wanted. This is our  tribute to you. We still love you.
                      Rest in Peace!
           Father, Husband, Friend, Hero
        14th Feb 1952- 24th August 2011

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