Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Plot? Anyone? No?....Lame Vacation!

I don't know if its just me but Vac is really slowing down and No, that is not a good thing. Honestly, There's not much to look forward to anymore. If you are lucky someone you know will have there birthday but that will probably turn out to be a tea-party, not exactly the way she had imagined it 'nga' she was at school. You will hear of house-parties thrown by people you have never met let alone, heard of and there's that overwhelming urge to crash those. Believe me, its gotten to a point where people will pay just to be a part of something.  The other day people were lining up just to watch chicken fight, I mean Seriously?...Has it really come to this? Is it really that bad?...If you think No, you are a lying piece of work and if you say yes, well am on your side so you can breathe again now.

Anywho, wasn't the long vacation supposed to be some kind of never-ending adventure were we do all the stuff we always wanted to do but never got the chance?...I mean, take me for example, I've pretty much exhausted all the stuff i used to dream of experimenting on(well not everything, most of the really good stuff are really expensive and hard to find and also illegal) and I feel like am done, like this never-ending adventure has finally come to an end, ironically. I want out, I want to go to Campus(read:University) already so I can re-live all those crazy things i've done with a more independent mindset and no curfew whatsoever.

Its not just the lack of plot that is pushing me to think of 'campus', I think my Mum has a really elaborate plan to drive me out. Nothing I do or say seems to translate with her so I'm still calculating and working on my plan to drive myself to a point of no return.Once I finalise it, she can say goodbye to weekend visitation for all I care. Fortunately, or rather Unfortunately, my big break is in three months. I think am going to go mad. I am definitely not going to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel. But i'll make sure to keep you posted on my level of sanity. Hopefully it willnot run out before the fat lady sings(Not Adele)

Anyway, its one in the morning and I am feeling light-headed, I might as well be 'drunk-texting'...which is why I you cannot, shouldnot quote me on any of the information above. I will gladly deny it and deny having a blog too. What am I still doing up? That is none of your business!


  1. What the hell Kollin..why would you want the vacation to end.I would rather seat and louse the whole year..i hope it is at the back of your mind that uni is actually school not the Bahamas...DUDE are u even considering the fact that when we go to uni this year we shall be called freshers and the fact that we have to account for a semester which btw we have drunk and smoked away,with a stupid hideous report card..look: nowwww, NOTHING!!! is expected from us..our parents dont even expect us to be the slightest of useful and productive..sooo we should embrace,love and enjoy it as it lasts..
    ###btw this is the time in life where you get to use that annoying popular phrase. Y.O.L.O as an excuse for the things that you are not expected to do...... and btw the not ADELE bit is hilarious

  2. Okkk...i was looking at it a little differently and i might 'agree' with you. Uni isnot exactly entirely fun, there's books too, i know that but @Row, there's freedom(nobody tells u what 2 do) and no curfew plus there's lots of other interesting possibilities when u are over there.Think about it... and b.t.w, just out of curiousity, WHAT IS Y.O.L.O???