Friday, 30 March 2012

Losing It.....Embarrassed.

This isn't like me. Lately, am "forgetting" to write on my blog. You know, I used to actually enjoy writing about my life but it seems today, like I have actually lost my Mojo. Its not that I can't find anything to write about anymore.The honest truth is that I can't write a sentence without embarrassing myself. Its happening now. Am embarrassed to say that am embarrassed to write. Am sure every avid blog-writer has gone through this phase. Some things just aren't worth writing about anymore.
This isn't how I imagined this vacation. I am so fucking broke, I can't go out. Remember Chris Rock's campaign speech in "Heads Of State"?Well, am definitely working two jobs just to stay broke. I am an Idiot.
One of the phone conversations with my boys on a Friday sounds something like this:
My Boy: "Hello?Kollo...are you out tonight?
Me: "Sure.Why not. T.G.I.F, man. So where's the party at???"
My Boy: Rugby Club then we'll rock Casablanca.
Me: Sounds good,bro. C u guys there.
On Saturday, it will go something like this:
Me: Hello. Man, where were you last night?
My Boy: Casablanca,dude.till morning. didn't see u there,man
Me: Oh yeah, I had to make a quick diversion. Met this hot girl from way way back. Went out for a drink and one thing led to another and ........u know!
My boy: Woah, dude! That why you ditched us? Good for you,man.
Me: You know me!
My boy: Whats the plan tonight.
Me: Spent a lot last night. Think I'll just stay in.
My boy: C'mon...Arrive, night's on me.
Me: What time?
And that's it. That's how I keep my friends. I am going to have to start coming up with new lines. Some of them are getting old. Also I have to invent methods to make money...well, beside a job. Am quitting one of my jobs.(Seriously, I hand in my resignation letter on Monday).
Am officially back to my original plan for vac: Sleeping, Eating, Watching movies. Err..I will also have to steal some of my mom's money so I can go out for real and make it count. Will let you know how this works out.

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