Friday, 30 March 2012

Losing It.....Embarrassed.

This isn't like me. Lately, am "forgetting" to write on my blog. You know, I used to actually enjoy writing about my life but it seems today, like I have actually lost my Mojo. Its not that I can't find anything to write about anymore.The honest truth is that I can't write a sentence without embarrassing myself. Its happening now. Am embarrassed to say that am embarrassed to write. Am sure every avid blog-writer has gone through this phase. Some things just aren't worth writing about anymore.
This isn't how I imagined this vacation. I am so fucking broke, I can't go out. Remember Chris Rock's campaign speech in "Heads Of State"?Well, am definitely working two jobs just to stay broke. I am an Idiot.
One of the phone conversations with my boys on a Friday sounds something like this:
My Boy: "Hello?Kollo...are you out tonight?
Me: "Sure.Why not. T.G.I.F, man. So where's the party at???"
My Boy: Rugby Club then we'll rock Casablanca.
Me: Sounds good,bro. C u guys there.
On Saturday, it will go something like this:
Me: Hello. Man, where were you last night?
My Boy: Casablanca,dude.till morning. didn't see u there,man
Me: Oh yeah, I had to make a quick diversion. Met this hot girl from way way back. Went out for a drink and one thing led to another and ........u know!
My boy: Woah, dude! That why you ditched us? Good for you,man.
Me: You know me!
My boy: Whats the plan tonight.
Me: Spent a lot last night. Think I'll just stay in.
My boy: C'mon...Arrive, night's on me.
Me: What time?
And that's it. That's how I keep my friends. I am going to have to start coming up with new lines. Some of them are getting old. Also I have to invent methods to make money...well, beside a job. Am quitting one of my jobs.(Seriously, I hand in my resignation letter on Monday).
Am officially back to my original plan for vac: Sleeping, Eating, Watching movies. Err..I will also have to steal some of my mom's money so I can go out for real and make it count. Will let you know how this works out.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Writer's Block???

'Took You Long Enough'-that's what you might think but there's a reason i have been M.I.A especially since Valentines' Day. I'm going to try to make this as believable as i possibly could. I am suffering from an extremely rare complex of "Writers' Block"...It s not your everyday thing...mine's kind of different. I have had so many ideas about what to write about. So many, i couldnot quite get my head to work. While i am working on one, another just pops up and am left confused and none the wiser.

It has been an interesting two weeks, i can tell u that. There's so many developments and (i don't have any idea what the opposite of 'development' is)
 On the personal scene, i broke up with my girlfriend of three years, details withheld: it was brutal and am still working on forgetting getting around to deleting all her texts. Not that that really concerns you!

My results came back, for UACE and they totally blew mind, I couldnot believe them myself. i had expected higher but these were a bitch-slap in the face for all those people that had had an 'inkling' mbu i should repeat the senior five form. I said it then(quitely, it was barely a whisper) but this time i'll say it louder and with even more clarity than before: GO TO HELL!!!

Uganda still needs lots of prayers. There's alot of corruption and that's a big problem for you...and well me.
Syda Bbumba, Minister for Gender and Ethics(i think) and our former Attorney General: Kiddu Makubya have been caught on a lie and duly resigned... Mutebile is currently media's crosshairs and  there is a lot of speculation under the current circumstances that he might resign...He is so effin' proud and arrogant, its annoying. In the Layman's view, i think he should or Syda and Kiddu should be forgiven and brought back on here Mutebile: Only God can suck Me...Fuck Yhue!!!

In other news, UMEME has failed to do its job and the power crisis is ongoing and thus has been dubbed: "Uganda Muffe Enzikiza Muffe Enzikiza...translating to sure Google's translator(powerful little tool) can help with that. I don't see how i could possibly grammatically spell it out for you.

Also, Internet is currently down(stop wondering how am writing this). Apparently some foolish idiot, dropped an anchor that hit the undersea fiber cables. The entire subcontinent of EastAfrica has slowed down economically because some nincompoop(probably a pirate) did not learn how to drop an anchor slowly so that it glides and hits the sea bed with minimum force...Asshole...Thanks to Warid i have been given priority over any number of bytes that gets through their switch...If u can believe it, i'll tell you a little secret, i had to hack their firewall, it was atleast quite harder than that of Parliament and almost worth it.

I love my life and my country...The drama never stops!!!  Am glad am Ugandan(even though my hair doesnot quite sell that fact!)