Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines' Day Craze

Everybody is going on and on about this day and i just don't get it....Why am i so crass? well, i would not know how to answer that. May be its because i actually don't give a shit about this day or because i do not have a Valentine. The answer might as well be...None of the above.
Truth be told, i do not think that people should wait a whole year for just one day to show their better half what they really mean to them... That's no different than what happened to Whitney Houston. I mean people 'used' to love and respect her for her music but that was  a longtime ago before her mid-life crises....When she died, only a few days ago, everybody, every magazine, televison, radio station suddenly decided it would pay to air her music and her accomplishments and that is nothing if not 'uncool'.

I believe, if you really love someone, then Valentine's day for the two of you should be every single day. Alright fine, the day is nearly done now...so what does that mean? That you will stop buying her roses, expensive seven course meals, jewellery. Is it when you actually cease with all the compliments?

Do you see my point? Valentines' day is no sacred tradition... I think its bullshit. The ancestors also really did a number on us with the whole Cupid thing. i think its vaguely a hoax and colossal waste of time.

Girls want Fluffy pink bears, Chocolates or Flowers every single day not just on some corporate-mandated holiday.

                                                                                                                           What say you?


  1. tihhaha...lol....last part is true...sori i commented on this a month later