Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines' Day Craze

Everybody is going on and on about this day and i just don't get it....Why am i so crass? well, i would not know how to answer that. May be its because i actually don't give a shit about this day or because i do not have a Valentine. The answer might as well be...None of the above.
Truth be told, i do not think that people should wait a whole year for just one day to show their better half what they really mean to them... That's no different than what happened to Whitney Houston. I mean people 'used' to love and respect her for her music but that was  a longtime ago before her mid-life crises....When she died, only a few days ago, everybody, every magazine, televison, radio station suddenly decided it would pay to air her music and her accomplishments and that is nothing if not 'uncool'.

I believe, if you really love someone, then Valentine's day for the two of you should be every single day. Alright fine, the day is nearly done now...so what does that mean? That you will stop buying her roses, expensive seven course meals, jewellery. Is it when you actually cease with all the compliments?

Do you see my point? Valentines' day is no sacred tradition... I think its bullshit. The ancestors also really did a number on us with the whole Cupid thing. i think its vaguely a hoax and colossal waste of time.

Girls want Fluffy pink bears, Chocolates or Flowers every single day not just on some corporate-mandated holiday.

                                                                                                                           What say you?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

On Tenterhooks...24/7

Guess, the time has finally come. Pretty soon, the UACE results will be released and i know its not just me, all the long vacists must be freaking out, even those that say they arenot. I think we Ugandans have a phrase for that: "Tuli Ku Bunkenke".
Its really funny because well, we all knew this time would come so there really shouldn't be this much tension. Not so long ago, each and every one of these vacists was praying for the horrifying 'kantab' (inside slang) period to just end knowing very well that there was the part where they had to get their results. I think psychologists call it 'Post Examination Stress'..Some people even get the pre-exam gitters, some get them both which begs the question: What is it about UNEB that makes everybody so? Its just an 'effing exam,right?

Well, i guess nobody cares, its just another one of those things you cannot undo or fix once its done...If you fail, well better luck next tym; If u pass, good for you...and then there's those that read and still fail, well nobody wants to know that you read, shit happens sometimes lol, just chalk it up to bad luck or an old ancestral grudge and move on, c'est la vie!!!

Guess now, all we can do is get down on our knees and give the almighty his due, go for as many fellowships and overnights as we could possibly afford to and just hope for the best knowing our destiny wont mess everything up!
                                                                                                                      Bon Chance

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Perfection and the Youth

Perfection. Is it real? Does it exist?
If you ask me, perfection exists but only in theory. It is what you might describe as an enigma that has eluded man for ages straight. Let us brainstorm...

According to Wikipedia, "Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness."
I find it hard to believe that in this modern age and era, a Youth could possibly aspire to be anything like that.
Isn't it boring? I mean seriously, ask any old timer, your dad, if you may but they would all tell you that the best time of your life will always be your Youth and that you should live everyday of that time to the fullest. Make as many mistakes as you can, drink, experiment(on drugs or whatever)... Just Live!

I've watched as so many 'young people' continue to 'destroy' their lives by trying albeit unhappily to be perfect but that experiment is just another shot in the dark, a misconception.

One famous musician said it: "Life is for living, not living up-tight."....So let us all learn to take chances, live everyday like it was our last, leave old memories in the past, have fun...the whole package
To continue to believe in this myth called Perfection will eventually rob us of our youth. Lets face it, that little perfect world you all envision, where you do whatever you are told, follow every rule and never make mistakes just does not exist and if you think it does and want to justify it, ask yourself this:

How do i define perfection?
What can i do to get closer to being perfect?

Well, you could also just try to be like Jesus, The Bible says he was the only perfect person to ever walk this earth and that is by becoming a Christian but there are a few things to come to terms with viz;

A) Christianity is a way to Perfection after death. It is not a way to be closer to Perfection while alive.
B) Christianity is a way to Perfection after death, and a way to get closer to Perfection while alive.

So have you decided that living in this world is a daring adventure and that it would take more than a 'perfect youth' to survive under all the pressure, sometimes you have to bend the rules..a little bit.