Monday, 16 January 2012

Socially Defiled

Maybe that title calls for alot more than its worth but i really thinlk its time adults knew that the world moved on a longtime ago and we arenot living in the 60s or the 80s anymore. Whats the point in sticking to cultures that are so effin' archaic...I know even this might not help since till this day with the level of democracy in this country we still have kingdoms, how is that possible? And i know its probably the reason most countries have never even heard of Uganda.
Well, i say its time for Change, a New Beginning and none of that Besigye nonsense...I mean like a revival where we amend all our norms and cultures to create a nation without double standards, with a big heart for equality. Teens are discriminated against by all the 'aged bullies'(read:adults). I mean what with constantly judging us about the way we talk, dress, dance even text...I mean seriously? This isnot fair!!!! We have a right to be heard too and its time they (adults) re-adjust and try and blend in with the status quo because that's what we, the youth symbolise(well, only most of us). comprende?

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