Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Love?...Does anybody get it?

So, here i am, blogging while simultaneously cajoling my mind to make one final decision: Do i dump the bitch(read:girl) or not! and u can be sure that by the time am done publishing it, i will know for sure what to do. You are probably wondering whats driving me to this...buh i don't think i can answer that directly without insulting anyone.

"It's not you, Its Me!"

That's maybe because it was my fault i couldnot help falling for you when it was obvious "U didn't want me"...Do u really believe that horse-shit?  No? Good. Because, all this while it was that punk-ass bitch that led me on, made me feel like i was the chosen one when all this while you were playing me, to the beat!

Which brings me to why i have decided to end this: Isn't it obvious? I cannot go on pretending like everything is cool when its not...I made up my mind about this girl five fucking years ago and she's still not sure about Us.
Its not going to be easy but i have to try, its the least i can do, get out now before its too late and am forever infatuated with the memory of her, so much so that i can't love again.

Cupid Judge: Has the heart reached its decision?
Heart: Yes your honour. After reviewing all the evidence, the jury finds the defendant(Bitch) Guilty on several counts of heart break, seduction, spreading misery and Heartlessness. The bitch is thereby sentenced to Endless Misery for the rest of her dammed life!

Guess, its time to let it burn!

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