Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Love?...Does anybody get it?

So, here i am, blogging while simultaneously cajoling my mind to make one final decision: Do i dump the bitch(read:girl) or not! and u can be sure that by the time am done publishing it, i will know for sure what to do. You are probably wondering whats driving me to this...buh i don't think i can answer that directly without insulting anyone.

"It's not you, Its Me!"

That's maybe because it was my fault i couldnot help falling for you when it was obvious "U didn't want me"...Do u really believe that horse-shit?  No? Good. Because, all this while it was that punk-ass bitch that led me on, made me feel like i was the chosen one when all this while you were playing me, to the beat!

Which brings me to why i have decided to end this: Isn't it obvious? I cannot go on pretending like everything is cool when its not...I made up my mind about this girl five fucking years ago and she's still not sure about Us.
Its not going to be easy but i have to try, its the least i can do, get out now before its too late and am forever infatuated with the memory of her, so much so that i can't love again.

Cupid Judge: Has the heart reached its decision?
Heart: Yes your honour. After reviewing all the evidence, the jury finds the defendant(Bitch) Guilty on several counts of heart break, seduction, spreading misery and Heartlessness. The bitch is thereby sentenced to Endless Misery for the rest of her dammed life!

Guess, its time to let it burn!

Thursday, 19 January 2012


There comes a time in every teenager's life when the hustle bug bites and some of the symptoms have alot to do with an incredulous hunger for money. Every teenager needs money for an all-consuming number of needs such as Airtime, Dates, Gifts or the infamous beer and drugs and the fact that our parents don't spoil us with the priviledge of an allowance doesnot help the situation, surely they know we have needs too, where do they think we get airtime from? This begs the question: Doesn't it bother them(zeyis) that we have money to drink, buy clothes and go out on numerous dates. But then again, maybe they believe in " the end justifies the means"...Don't get it twisted we dont want them to get curious, ever..We like things as they are.yeah, we love picking your pockets; the small change they leave in their dresser draws, well, that accumulates too. But that's just for small minded rugrats!

People like yours truly believe in "Hardwork Pays" and take it from me , It really does!
don't give me a fish, teach me how to fish
My hustle started out during my form four vacation. I ventured out in to the business world with a loan from my mum as capital and i decided to open up a "yogurt production" business with the hope that pretty soon i would start my own yogurt shop. It was the worst decision i had ever made! I was stretched to within inches of my temper and life and i don't quite know how i held it all together. The hardest bit was production: getting the milk, mixing everything( am talking about up to 200litres at a time) and then doing the packing. I remember back then, the maid was a big help but as you already know, nothing comes free these days. I searched high and low for market and at first i got a few shops and supermarkets but the amounts they were taking were just not enough to give me the big break i was working for and then it hit me: "how about schools, they have lots of kids"
My train of thought evolved and almost immediately i got up and made a new strategy to get schools. It was easy and before long i was hard at work again, burning the candle on both ends, night and day. The results of this venture were astonishing, better yet:Unbelievable!!!
But fourth form vacation isnot that long and shortly, i had to get back to school and the business was doing okay, i was making money in millions and not every red-blooded teenager could say the same at the time. That's success in my dictionary.
When i got back for the termly short holiday, i couldnot say the same. Sales had dropped, market shortened. It was bad and out of control. My grades dropped and i got a notice on my report at the end of the term telling me to "try my talents elsewhere".
I changed school and also left the business to my busy Mum to look after. Things got worse but i had to focus on my books  because Education always comes first. I swore i woul turn things around in my long vacation and here i am today, working the phones and searching for market and pulling as many strings as i can. the fruits of this, still remain to be seen but you can be sure that am going to make alot of money and anyother day, i will still be, always be, Hustling...Hard

Monday, 16 January 2012

Socially Defiled

Maybe that title calls for alot more than its worth but i really thinlk its time adults knew that the world moved on a longtime ago and we arenot living in the 60s or the 80s anymore. Whats the point in sticking to cultures that are so effin' archaic...I know even this might not help since till this day with the level of democracy in this country we still have kingdoms, how is that possible? And i know its probably the reason most countries have never even heard of Uganda.
Well, i say its time for Change, a New Beginning and none of that Besigye nonsense...I mean like a revival where we amend all our norms and cultures to create a nation without double standards, with a big heart for equality. Teens are discriminated against by all the 'aged bullies'(read:adults). I mean what with constantly judging us about the way we talk, dress, dance even text...I mean seriously? This isnot fair!!!! We have a right to be heard too and its time they (adults) re-adjust and try and blend in with the status quo because that's what we, the youth symbolise(well, only most of us). comprende?