Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Year Madness

Friends, the clock is ticking and before long, it will be New Year's Eve. Let me just lay one thing out bare, You haven't really had new years if you have not had it in Uganda. This time of the year, with a few days left, everybody just goes gaga...If you have been living in Kampala and you haven't had the privilege of smelling the waft from all the tyres that are burned within this period then quite simply, You haven't lived yet...Xmas was done days ago but that's a family affair and most fortunate people like yours truly have it in the village with their "zeyis" and its usually all about church and food...New Years eve on the other hand, Is INSANE...all around Kampala the streets are abuzz with blaring music, concerts are advertised, churches like watoto prepare for Overnights and all around the country all the happening venues purchase as much Fireworks as they could possibly afford... Last Xmas,over 280 hangouts in Kampala alone let out quite a memory burst of fireworks that left most in awe...It was Legendary!!!...This year as we usher in 2012(that could pretty much be the end of the world as we know it), i know for sure that its going to be Memorable

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