Friday, 30 December 2011

Reality and New year Resolutions

Its kind of funny how everyone still believes in New Years resolutions. You believe in "creating" a new You for the New year...i believe thats Bullshit. Honestly, if you have done that just as much as i have then you know there's no chance of your "list" going down just like you planned it. Making a change in the way we have been living our lives could be one of the hardest things ever attempted because we get accustomed to our daily program so much we follow it to the letter and it all becomes kind of like a habit...It takes more than the thought to change that...It takes effort and dedication and above all, Divine Intervention. I have been trying to stop my nail biting habit for years now, i have made that a priority resolution every year but you think i have stopped? No!!! I still bite them.
This year (2012), i have decided to actually STOP...its that simple.
I know i don't speak for myself because there's so many others out there just like me. ..bu i say 2012 is the year we will look back to and say to our friends and family: That was the year i put my foot down. You don't have to wait for all the hype and fireworks to start before you can actually begin on your path down self-discovery...NOW is a good a time as any. Begin Now, right after you decide to just STOP and BELIEVE it.
Wherever you are  going to be ( and am guessing nobody is staying home today), I wish you all a fun and memorable New Year celebration...Pursue your dreams
and to all the vacists, i say: Live in the moment, Its your life and nobody should control how you live it.

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